Friday, 29 April 2011

cHAnge YOur PC tO aLIEnWare

Open up a web browser and type in or copy the following

Step 2
Notice the section of the page that states Invader for XP and Vista and Xenomorph for XP only.Look to the right and clikc on the download AlienGUIse graphic.

Step 3
type in your email address and click the (download) button.
Step 4
Next window click on the download link that matches your operating system. If you have vista click on the first link. If you have XP click on the second link.

Step 5

save the file.
Click on the (save) button and save the software to your local system. For ease of access select Desktop.

Step 6

AlienGUIse Icon
when the download is complete run the software by clicking on the (run) button or by double clicking the AlienGUIse icon that should now be where ever you saved the file.

Step 7

AlienGUIse installation
If you are on vista click continue then click on the (next) button.

Step 8

License agreement
you have to accept the license agreement. Place a check mark next to the text "I accept the terms of the license agreement" then click on the (next) button.

Step 9

Installation location
leave the installation directory default and click the (next) button.

Step 10

Installation completed
The installation will now begin. When it is complete click on the (finish) button.

Step 11

Now you will have another icon on your desktop that looks something like this image.Double click the icon to run AlienGUIseRead more:

How to Download and Install an Alienware Themes for XP or Vista




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